The Reasons Why You Should Prune/Trim Your Trees

Once the tree is causing chaos like blocking the way, dropping off limbs and branches already touching the roof, you should consider pruning or trimming your trees. Trimming or pruning is the best way for you to solve the problems it the tree causes in the present or in the future. Making the tree look huge because it looks ‘nice’ is such a stupid idea because it’s going to be dangerous. For assistance in trimming, you can call a tree service in Spokane. It’s better to be safe now than to be sorry later.  


The following are the reasons why you should get your trees trimmed.  

  • Safety 

If you notice that the tree’s branches are falling off, trimming is the perfect solution for it. This is necessary especially that you have a lot of trees in your backyard. The more trees you have and the larger they get, the more dangerous it can be. It shouldn’t be neglected because it can be a serious safety hazard in the future. Imagine driving to your place but then a tree blocked your way because its big branches fell off. It causes traffic and danger right?  

The branches will obstruct a driver’s vision and he will be distracted from driving. The safety is then compensated. Tree trimming is important especially those branches which are close in utility lines. It can also affect the flow of electricity and might even cut off lines and electrocute someone.  

  • Aesthetics 

Again, don’t think that big trees look good because they really don’t. Their branches will continue to grow and tangle other branches if not trimmed. Trimming will actually help the tree to be in their good appearance and shape. It makes the tree look healthy. If you occasionally trim your trees then you’re doing a really great job. Trimmed trees are healthy trees.  

However, you should be aware that if the tree is trimmed but the trim isn’t suitable, it can impose an unnatural size or shape. To keep your tree healthy, the right amount of trim should be done so no damage will be done.  

  • Health 

There will come a time that a tree will be infected because of pests, but you can avoid this by pruning the limbs and branches away. The reasons why you should let the professionals do the trimming is because they know the right amount of trimming to de done so the whole tree might not be affected. This will avoid more problems in the future.  

An effective way of trimming the tree especially its affected limb is to trim the crown to improve the airflow. If the airflow is improved, the tree can freely ‘breathe’. If the branches are rubbing each other, get them trimmed.  

You should trim or prune the trees for aesthetics, safety and health. Think about these factors when you decide to neglect your trees. Keep them healthy and growing and beautiful. May you have learned a lot from this article.